Through user-centered design methods, I create digital designs, conduct user research, and facilitate design thinking. Currently, I’m with NPR as the Manager of Design Research & Strategy in Digital Media, where we believe design is a public service. Past lives include Digital Design Director at The Atlantic, and Manager of Multimedia at the Newseum. I enjoy writing about design, judging design competitions, and volunteering for my local library.

Product design

I’m a design practitioner for audience-facing websites, internal tools, mobile apps and touch surfaces. Audiences include news consumers, educators and colleagues.

User research

I plan and facilitate qualitative user research studies, and share insights that inform user-centered design solutions. I advise colleagues on research best practices.

Design thinking

I organize and facilitate design thinking workshops and brainstorms with a variety of product and editorial teams, typically using IDEO and IBM methods.

About Me

I’ve always worked around news and media, and I approach interactive design through years of designing for humans. I’m a parent who’s dabbled in creating experiences for children, and museums and libraries are my favorite places. I’ll hope you’ll find out more by checking out my résumé and portfolio.